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The Indiana Jones of 80's Music

Tonight marks a couple of special moments having to do with A Blast from the Past.

First, I'm delighted to welcome back Jason Wilde as the host of the show tonight. Since Independence Day is this Thursday, I thought that it would be the perfect time for him to give us two hours of music having to do with the holiday. He also points out, again, how some songs that are usually played during the Independence Day holiday are not actually positive songs about America.

The second special moment has a bit to do with the first. Tonight marks the first week that other hosts will be at the helm.

It has been my pleasure to host the show for 375 years in one form or another. I've been a solo host for several years and I've co-hosted with Jason Wilde for several years.

I've also welcomed guest co-hosts into the studio. This usually happened after station fund drives and those who come on with me talk about their favorite artists and songs while playing a playlist that they brought with them. I've always enjoyed the different stories that each guest host brought to the table and so, my hope, is to continue that diversity.

Not only is Jason Wilde hosting the show tonight but he is going to be one of four voices that you are going to be hearing on the show. Each week will be a different host telling their own stories, sharing their own memories, and playing their own playlists.

The main mission of this show has always been to revisit memories and share stories from when this music was popular. The best part of doing this show, for me, has always been hearing you tell me that you haven't heard a song that I played in years or that a song that I played reminded you of a memory that you had forgotten.

My hope is that the addition of other voices to the show and the memories that they will share will contribute to this cache of memories that we are collecting and will add more depth and diversity to the show.

I thank you for all of the years that you have listened and contributed to A Blast from the Past! Between Jason, Todd, Rick, and myself, I hope that we keep those memories coming!

I think that this will be a lot of fun!


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