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 Welcome to A Blast From the Past!

The radio show dedicated to great songs of the 80s/90s and the memories that go with them.

Very often a song reminds you of somebody that you used to know or of an event that happened in your life. Here are a few memories that you have shared on Twitter using #aBFtP...

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#Zombie by #TheCranberries is #timestamp song for me. Takes me back to specific time in my life, freshman year at community college.



The theme for the latest episode of A Blast From the Past features the show's most-played artists since The Todd and Jason Wilde assumed hosting duties on the show in 2020.  

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A Blast from the Past can be heard on its flagship station, 88.7 The Diamond, WICR!

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Saturday Evening at 10:00

WICR, 88.7 FM, is a public radio station owned by the Board of Trustees of the University of Indianapolis and operated by university students, faculty, and staff with programming from Classical Music Indy, American Public Media, and other outside, independent producers.

Interested in airing ABftP on your station?

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aBFtP History

Created by Joe Bainline, A Blast from the Past started as a podcast and was an outlet to play favorite tunes from the 80s and to share stories of growing up in the 80s. A year later it was picked up by 90.1 HD2 - The Point in Indianapolis and another year later the show was added to the Saturday evening lineup on 88.7FM WICR, also in Indianapolis. 

Prior to the launch on WICR, Jason Wilde joined the show as a co-host and was dubbed the Indiana Jones of 80's music as he dug up lost or forgotten tracks from the 80's. Joe and Jason hosted the show together for a few years until Joe left to pursue other opportunities.


Jason Wilde hosted the show solo until leaving in 2015 to pursue a different career in Los Angeles. Joe gladly retook over the reigns and tweaked the show.

Now the show has two hosts who take turns each week: Jason Wilde and The Todd, a long-time fan of the show who has done various radio stuff in the past.

A Blast From the Past is based on songs from the 80s and early 90s, but that doesn't mean you won't hear a song (or several) from the 70s, or the 00s, or even the 60s. And we don't just play the stuff you hear on "classic hits" radio: we play obscure songs, "forgotten" hits, album cuts...whatever fits the theme.

Do you have an idea for a theme or want to hear a song from the past you've not heard in a long time? Call or email us to let us know!

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About The Hosts


Jason Wilde was born and raised in Indianapolis and has spent nearly 30 years in radio and television. His love of pop music started in 1982 when he was 13 years old. First he got his first stereo and started buying records to play on it. In May of that year, Jason listened to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem for the first time and was hooked. Later that summer, his family got cable television and Jason discovered MTV. Soon after, Jason was making his own Top 50 charts every week (later expanded to his own Top 100) and sharing the charts with his classmates.

It’s not a surprise that Jason went into radio in college and pursued it as a career. After working part time at WZPL/Indianapolis in the early 90s, Jason moved to Wisconsin for his first full-time gig: doing a nightly all-request show on I-94/Eau Claire. After a successful year there, Jason moved back to Indy at WHHH and some television work for WAV-TV53. He spent a few years outside of radio and television, then came back to broadcasting as an engineer. Jason returned to the airwaves in 2010 when he was invited by A Blast From the Past creator Joe to co-host the show. Jason hosted the show solo for a few years, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television. After a couple of turns as guest host, Jason returned to host the show in 2020, taking turns with The Todd.

Jason has been dubbed “The Indiana Jones of 80s Music,” because he can dig up the obscure and lost songs. He loves playing “forgotten hits”: songs that did well on the charts when they were released but are no longer played on radio stations…even stations that exclusively play classic hits of the 80s. Jason especially loves reminding us of the second or follow-up hits of so-called “One-Hit Wonders,” which is a phrase used inaccurately for many artists (see The Knack or A-Ha, for example). As Jason puts it, “There is no greater fun than to have someone say, ‘I haven’t heard that song in years…I loved it when it came out.’ The decade of the 80s was an amazingly diverse decade of music; we should hear as many songs as possible from that time. I love sharing this music with everyone.”

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